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Top 8 Best And All Time Popular Fox Shows On Hulu

Hulu, a well known video streaming software has got an exclusive Fox-Hulu deal where all the Fox shows have been made available in the Hulu library. Fox is famous for a large number of TV shows, movies, news etc. , which are available all over the world including the Star brand in India which has TV channels like Star Gold, Star Movies and Star sports.

Huge TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, Empire, Gotham, Prison Break, Lucifer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bones, White Collar etc. and even a lot of animated TV series such as, American Dad, The Simpson and Bob’s Burgers have entered the library which is exclusive to only Hulu and are not available on any other software such as Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Top 8 Best And All Time Popular Fox Shows On Hulu

  1. The Simpson

    The Simpson is an American animated TV series created by Matt Groening. It is a satirical depiction of The Simpson family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and their everyday life. It is set in a fictional town called Springfield, which is closely related to an American society. The Simpson is currently the longest running scripted TV series in the world.

    The Simpson

    Watch It On Hulu

  2. Empire

    Empire is an American TV series created by Danny Strong and Lee Daniels. The show is centered around a company called the Empire Entertainment and the drama among the family members of Empire Entertainment in which one side a hip-hop mogul must choose the successor of his company where the three sons are trying to take control over the company, and on the other side the ex-wife has her own plans to take it from him.


    Watch It On Hulu

  3. Gotham

    Gotham is a crime drama based on DC Comics – Batman. It is actually based on Inspector Gordon rather than focusing on Bruce Wayne and has number of famous Batman villains which have appeared movies, games and comics, including, Scarecrow, Ra’s-Al-Ghul, Catwomen, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Riddler, etc.


    Watch It On Hulu

  4. Prison Break

    Prison Break is an American drama, which consists of 2 brothers, in which one brother has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and meanwhile the second brother plans on getting his brother out of the jail and get his name cleared.

    Prison Break

    Watch It On Hulu

  5. Lucifer

    Lucifer is an American fantasy police drama TV series, which is focused on a Devil named Lucifer Morningstar who resigns his throne as he was bored of Hell and came to Los Angeles, where he took a job as a consultant at LAPD and runs his own nightclub too, “Lux”.


    Watch It On Hulu

  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police drama centered around a police department in Brooklyn 99th Precinct. It revolves around Detective Jake Peralta who has a pretty carefree and easy going attitude who comes into conflict with Captain Raymond Halt.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Watch It On Hulu

  7. Bones

    Bones is an American crime drama which has 12 seasons. It revolves around 2 main characters, FBI Special Agent Seelay Booth and the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan mainly focusing on the FBI Agent bringing the remains of the crime scene to the doctor and how it affects their personal life.


    Watch It On Hulu

  8. Bob’s Burgers

    Bob’s Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard. This show focuses on the hamburger restaurant, which is owned by the Benchers, the parents – Bob and Linda and their children – Tina, Gene and Louise.

    Bob’s Burgers

    Watch It On Hulu

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With the exclusive deal by Hulu they have updated their library by a number of famous shows, which is surely going to help them increase their viewership.

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