how to get Free Netflix Account
How To Get Free Netflix Account And Password With 1 Month Subscription

Netflix is an American company which was founded in 1997. It is the biggest app that shows live streaming on internet of famous TV series. If you are a big fan of watching shows on daily basis and you missed some shows than Netflix is the best option for you. Earlier only rented DVDs were working but now with the help of this app you can watch all the series anytime. It offers its services in very limited countries such as – Uk, Canada, USA, Australia etc. Now it has started to expand in countries such as Russia, India etc.

Netflix is available only if you are a premium member. It does not allow to use the app for free. Its subscription charges are $12 per month but its quite tough for some people to afford this much every month. There are many websites available on search engines that offers user ID and passwords for Netflix for free. As the website has gained popularity by showing latest shows and movies, people are always in hunt of free user IDs and passwords.

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Features of Netflix after getting premium membership.

  • Unlimited access to new movies and latest series episodes.
  • You can catch up on older movies as there is a vast collection of movies available on the app.
  • With help of your search and ratings, Netflix can give recommendations of shows as per your taste.
  • You can watch anything anytime.
  • If your login account is same and you are watching an episode on your laptop and then you switch to your mobile phone with same account than you can resume the episode from the point you had stopped on your laptop.

Free user IDs and passwords for Netflix

There are many websites available that would offer free user IDs and passwords but many times after using these passwords, ​people change them according to their need, which ends up in disabled passwords. There are many Netflix password generators but they may or may not work. These things makes the person more curious and irritated but these fake user IDs and passwords are illegal. So, its better not to use these things.

There is one more option available for free subscription of Netflix. The main point is Netflix would not ask for charges for the first month as it provides first month’s free subscription. It asks for credit card detail for billing you but it would charge you at the end of the month for next month and thus, gifting you free first month subscription.

how to get Free Netflix Account and password

How To Get Free Netflix Account And Password With 1 Month Subscription

Follow the following steps for free first month subscription.

  1. Download and open the Netflix app.
  2. It will prompt you to register first if you have not done it earlier.
  3. Go to sign up, enter your details, you need a gmail account to sign up, if you don’t have one than go to gmail, create an account and jot it down for future reference.
  4. After entering your details, last step would be to enter your credit card details. You can add the details as it is not going to charge you till the 30th of the month.
  5. So now your account is created so you can simply enjoy the shows and movies till the 30th of the month.
  6. On the last day of the month remember to remove your account by deleting all the details.
  7. After this for the new month you need another gmail account to create a free account in Netflix.
  8. Earlier same credit card used to work for another Gmail account but these days they might have changed the rules, so its better to have a new prepaid card that you can use it elsewhere.

Final Words

So by following the above steps you can easily create and use Netflix account for a month without being afraid of getting caught for doing something illegal. Another option could be to share a Netflix account with you friend or sibling, as Netflix allows two streaming from one account at a time. This could beneficial both the persons who are sharing the account.

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