Legal Movie Streaming Sites
Top 5 Legal Movie Streaming Sites

We have seen and heard about many websites that provide us with the facility of watching movies online, and many of them are free, but the question is how many out of them are legal? It is very important for all of us to note that watching movies online is good but watching them legally is even more important since there is a fear of virus attacks or malware malfunctions. So, releasechilcot team search and list down five of the top legal movie streaming sites for you:

Top 5 Legal Movie Streaming Sites

  1. The Internet Archive

    Internet Archive is a website that is a first entry for this list since it provides such great access to watching movies, tv shows, music, This provides you the facility of downloading the movies too and a unlimited number of movies. It also provides direct links to movies that you may want to watch or download at that moment.

    Internet Archive

  2. YouTube Movies

    YouTube Movies has been a crowd favorite since years and its legal too. From watching general everyday needs videos to diy’s to streaming movies, it has it all. This is a home for many movies that are uploaded on public domains. YouTube even has some of its original movies that are created by the YouTube team itself, and you can watch them too. It is a free website that only needs a simple sign in, and you are free to surf through millions of movies, videos, and songs.

    Youtube movies

  3. Crackle

    Crackle is a website mainly meant for downloading movies for free, but it has a great library for you to binge watch. You can choose from the long list or even create a list of your own by signing up after you have chosen your priorities. This offers many shows or movies that are not offered generally by others for free.


  4. PopcornFlix

    PopcornFlix website is under the screen media ventures and offers mainly public domain content and lots of original movies. You will not have to worry about the device you will be streaming it on, and thus you get to enjoy it to the fullest. It is completely free yet legal, and you get several categories to choose from like comedy, drama, horror, One another great thing about this website is that you also get shows from different channels to watch!


  5. Hulu

    Hulu is not free, but it has a free edition too. The bad part about the free one is that it has limited content and thus we recommend taking up the paid subscription one with a huge list of content. This is one of the best movie streaming websites in the market at the moment, and it is completely legal. It gives a package of some free movies and some of the episodes of particular shows.


So these are the top five movie streaming sites that offer you the full legal authority to watch movies online and some are even free. We all know how important it is to do something with complete legal ways and thus we recommend giving these websites a try!

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