Places To Watch Game Of Thrones Live
4 Best Places To Watch Game Of Thrones Live

Ever wondered why this hype about Game of Thrones? Well, one of the most finest large scale composition of fiction in this modern era!

Breaking every myth about TV serials and movies, this TV show is not only full of surprises and twists but also gives you Goosebumps. Brilliant plots and sub plots, this TV show will exceed all your expectations. If haven’t watched a single episode once, we’ll tell you where you can.

Gone are the times when streaming a show in a legal and affordable way was difficult. Today the premium cable network has made watching series easier than ever before. Here are some of the places where you can watch Game Of Thrones live. There are not many legal platforms available to watch game of thrones, and even less for free.

The reason being, HBO has its content deals with different broadcasting companies in different countries, which bound it to offer its original programming for free.

Also HBO has its own online streaming service, which is in direct competition with other streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu etc.

4 Best Places To Watch Game Of Thrones Live

  1. HBO GO

    Content is the king and no one will ever provide content better than the source itself. Since HBO was once the only method of streaming Game of Thrones online, before the announcement of HBO NOW, it still is an excellent service provider with unlimited access to HBO’s original programming.

    HBO GO requires you to purchase the premium HBO package, if case you are accompanying the application. And, if you already have a cable, you can recieve an HBO subscription for $15 at the very least.

    Watch On HBO GO

    HBO GO

  2. HBO NOW

    This is HBO’s official video on demand service where you can watch all the TV shows and series as well as movies produced by HBO itself. This service is free for the first month and then you will have to pay $15 every month to continue enjoying your TV shows and series. But I guess one month of free trial is enough to complete all the seasons of Game Of Thrones. Yes, this is how interesting this TV Show is.

    Watch On HBO NOW


  3. VidAngel

    VidAngel is a best and the cheapest video rental service you could have ever imagined or encountered. You need to pay only $1 for each episode, which makes it $10 for watching a complete entertaining season of Game Of Thrones. Also you can avail the HD for $2 per episode, which is still cheaper than many other services.


  4. Sling TV

    Internet TV is changing the entire game of entertainment today. Here is the best way you can enjoy watching Game of Thrones along with other Cable TV extensions. Sling TV is an online streaming service which has HBO extension and therefore you can be assured that you are not paying only for one TV show but enjoy other TV channels as well.

    Sling TV

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iTunes, GooglePlay Access, Amazon Instant Video all these three are the buy or rent type of service where you can buy each episode for $3 and an entire season for $30 approximately.

This will be one of the most convenient way to watch the Game of Thrones and enjoy each season back to back.

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