Tubi TV Review : Free Movies & TV Series

Undoubtedly, Tubi TV is one of emerging competitors to Netflix. Tubi TV lets you to stream movies and TV shows for free. It is a versatile streaming platform where you can stream unlimited HD shows. I hope this review of Tubi TV will clear many points in your mind about the quality and number of TV shows and movies which it provides.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV Review : Free Movies & TV Series

User Interface

Just like any other streaming service, Tubi TV also works in similar way. There is nothing complicated as such, instead you will find the interface of very standard quality. As far categories are concerned, Tubi TV has used its creativity to the fullest in deciding the name of the categories. You will find categories like “Not on Netflix” and “Highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes.” Now you know, why we have clearly mentioned that they have used all their creativity in designing the categories.

The user interface is extremely easy to use and it works smoothly on mobile apps, web app, and Roku channel. Unlike other sources, this service retains the point at which you stopped streaming. However, if you switch the devices then these intricate data will be lost. All in all, Tubi TV provides an easy and hassle free interface which can easily be used by anyone.

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Tubi TV is one of the amazing platforms which provide HD videos . The most inevitable problem of buffering seems to be sorted. In Tubi TV, you will not be sitting full time in front of high definition videos but it will also keep you safe from low quality buffering videos. Also, when you are on trial period you will not see any restrictions in terms of quality of this source. It had extremely smooth function on all the platforms with some negligible drawbacks. This source was tested on Verizon network and Wi-Fi.


Tubi TV is absolutely free of cost but just like television, you will have tackle with minutes long advertisement. You will see an advertisement after every 10 minutes of watching videos. May be this is how you are supposed to pay for this service, by watching ads. Also, the videos are edited but every video is as entertaining as the full time episode. In one way, if you see, it saves your time without compromising with the quality of the entertainment being delivered to you.

Tubi TV Review


How can we not talk about the content? After all, this makes up the whole concept of streaming. When you look at Tubi TV content, you will see a great effort taken by the team to improve the user experience. However, if you compare it with paid services, it may feel inferior to you. It has posed limitation on exclusive collection of big-budget movies. But it has tons of interesting movies which you have not even heard of. When you look at overall collection, you will see that even TV shows have amazing shows but not exactly the blockbuster ones.


When you take documentary films and foreign films into account, you will see that Tubi TV has got nice collection. But, there are great possibilities of this source advancing its content option because Tubi TV is no more a backstage spectator. People know about it and embrace its features open heartedly. It has also received appreciation from many people because of its simple service. Hopefully, Tubi TV will make the things better for us in near future.

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